Wet Filtration

KLtex supplies stainless steel woven mesh with a wide mesh opening or with a mesh opening as small as 2um.

KLtex represents Parker Domnick hunter process filtration division in Israel. We offer our customers the full variety of products.

The design and the confection of our filter press fabrics are all made by KLtex. After analyzing the customers sludge, our lab is able to point the right type of cloth.

KLL High Flow is a strainer filter built to separate coarse particles from any liquid stream. It allows a unique wash of the filter element without opening the vessel.

KLtex manufactures stainless steel filter cartridge housings. Wide range of housing includes single and multi-round vessels.

KLL Bag is a bag filter built to separate medium to fine particles from any liquid stream. It comes in two basic configurations: single bag units and multi bag units.