KLtex designs and manufactures distillation systems for solvent recycling.

Our distillation systems are capable of recycling to high purity even waste with high solids concentrations. The distillation systems are working as a standalone manufacturing units, while the whole process is automatically controlled by an easy to use PLC unit with a multi-language touch screen interface.

Work process is continues and our distillation machine is built to work 24/7. The distillation unit controls and draws the inlet flow of raw solvent to the distillation reactor, and all clean recycled solvent is automatically pumped out of the machine. All the operator has to decide is when to start the automated sludge discharging.

Recycling energy - Saving money, Distillation machines consume a lot of energy. Thanks to new thinking in engineering design concept, our distillation machines recycling not only solvents but also the heat and cold that the machine reflect. This new design help reduce the running costs.

The type of solvents we have experience with, over the years we gained very good experience in recycling solvents like: Ethanol Toluene, Isopropanol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Acetone, Methanol, Ethyl Acetate, IPA, and more…

Flow rates, our solvent recovery systems are built for two types of customers:
First, end customer, customers that wants to recycle their own waste and reuse the solvent. Second, recycle centers, which need flexibility with relatively small recycling units. The clean solvent flow rate depends in several variables: unit heat capacity, solvent type and the composition of the raw solvent. In general our units are built for 50-500 lph, but can be engineered to higher or lower flows.

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