Air Filtration

Dust problems exist in almost any industrial plant and with it comes the need for dedusting. KLtex has been developing, engineering and manufacturing industrial dedusting units for over 25 years.

Designing dedusting system, is a complex process which requires overall vision of the dust problem and technical knowledge to ensure educate suction in all the dust sources.

Let us find the right solution for your dust problem.   

KLtex designs and manufactures wet scrubbers for dust control. Our venturi scrubber's offer high efficiency with low pressure drops.

Bag cages are used to support the bag filters inside the dust collector. KLtex supply's standard and custom made cages.

KLD Bag is KLtex's baghouse; it includes pulse jet cleaning system and a snap ring filter bag. It is ideal for central dust collecting system in manufacturing plants

KLtex manufactures dust cartridges, cartridges can be made to fit any length and diameter.

KLtex is the biggest and most experienced filter bag manufacturer in Israel, with over 25yr of experience. KLtex manufactures bag filters for all filter type.

KLD Cartridge is KLtex's cartridge dust collector; its affordable price makes it ideal for single point of work dust control.