Years of experience, Countless projects!

KLtex, A leading Israeli company.

Founded in 1987, KLtex has grown to become one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing industrial separation and filtration systems.

Engineering: With a highly skilled engineering and design team, KLtex designs and manufactures its own components. Every unit which comes off the production line is 100% KLtex design. Aside from designing and manufacturing our own systems, at KLtex we constantly seek to improve our veteran products. Such products are consistently modified and improved to enhance performance and are always fitted with new components.

Production: KLtex utilizes several production lines which are manned by an experienced skilled crew of welders, steel workers, tailors, and assembly personnel, who spend countless hours in bringing our systems to life. At KLtex, we manufacture are own filter bags and dust cartridges, which carry our trusted brand name. Work in Process: All the raw materials used in production are supplied by leading manufacturers in the industry. Our process cartridges for example, are exclusively supplied by the British company Parker Domnick Hunter and our technical fabrics by the German manufacturer, Clear Edge.

Inventory: KLtex holds in its inventory most of the production components. In a dynamic business environment, this allows us to provide our customers with a shorter lead time and swift delivery of the final product.